Thursday, August 10, 2006

Strange fruit

When at Wells, our choir stayed at Millfield School, which is situated in the fine town of Street, near Glastonbury. Millfield is one of our larger private schools, but not one of its oldest: most of the buildings on the main campus (we actually stayed at a boarding house five miles away, in Baltonsborough) seem to date from the sixties and seventies. It's a huge place, reputedly with 1400 students (which seems huge to me) and a sprawling campus bigger than many universities'. Most of the choir concurred in being glad that none of us had ever been sent there as children. Millfield prides itself on its sporting achievements, and certainly they have the facilities to match - Olympic size swimming pool, golf range, rugby pitches, basketball courts, riding stables... the list is endless.

What struck me in particular is the disturbing nature of the sculpture which was dotted around the place. It was mostly the hare-headed women that I found bizarre, but even some of the other scupture were a little hard to fathom...

This is a bit sexual for a school, surely?

Dogs and weird hare-headed women (I think). Or they could be kangaroos...

This is vaguely normal. I think rusty is popular (think Angel of the North, only not so monumental)...

Any art criticism received with interest!


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