Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take a glance at the fancy rats

Today it's World Rat Day, apparently. According to these people, rats are better pets than, say, rabbits, because they are intelligent, like human company and are clean. This last may come as something of a shock to those who consider rats vermin, but then pet rats are very different to wild rats. The comments from rat owners are very positive about the creatures. For a positive view of rats as pets (in fiction), one can't do better than Joe's Ratty in The Big Six - though I daresay any animal welfare expert would deplore the conditions in which he's kept - Joe's pocket, for example!.

I've never owned a pet, and am not sure I'd want a rat - but the same goes for any rodent, really. I have a prejudice against albino animals (it's the pink eyes, I think), but I could judge a rat beauty pageant, I'm sure (no, I'm not joking -
Cavyrescue have organised the Ratless Rat Show!) .


At Tue Apr 04, 06:47:00 pm, Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

I think 1984 turned me against them.

I also get wild ones roaming my garden from the adjacent railway embankment. If you'd like to pop over here and capture one, you're welcome to keep it as a pet.


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