Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pen love

It was some time ago when I discovered the ultimate pen: the Pilot G-Tec-C4. It has a wonderfully fine line and is excellent for writing small text, though its only drawback is that the ink takes rather a long time to dry. I prefer the natty brown, which is distinctive amongst the office blacks and blues, and yet also photocopies well.

However, the other problem with the pens is that you can't buy them easily anywhere. Most high street shops which stock stationery don't stock these pens, and if they do, don't stock brown. The last lot I got were bought at Selfridges! So I decided this week, my last pen running out rapidly, to buy some new ones, and searched the web for suppliers. There seem to be hundreds of office supply firms trading on the Internet, and prices and availability varied amazingly. Eventually I ordered a variety pack (all ten colours available plus two free of your own choice - I chose brown) from the wonderfully-named
Cult Pens based in Dartmouth (Devon). They arrived this morning, and I am now consumed by pen love. They will be guarded from possible depredation by my colleagues, and I will carefully choose which colour to use. I'm getting quite fond of the light blue already...

I'm such a sucker for stationery. I don't quite know what's so satisfying about clean white paper (not ruled, though I quite like squared paper) and pens and pencils, as I do most of my writing by computer nowadays.


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