Thursday, November 10, 2005

Being a pedestrian

I walk to work, normally, as the office is only about a mile from home. Not so bad during the summer, as there are trees and flowers bordering the footpath, and if any mad cyclists are approaching, there's time to dodge out of the way. In winter, or more specifically, during Greenwich Mean Time, it's dark when I walk home. Most of the footpath is lit, though lately several of the lights have been out, leading to occasional dark spots. That's bearable (except when the aforementioned mad cyclists who ride the footpaths without lights zoom out of the darkness). However, there's one bit of the walk home which skirts the local playing field and abuts onto back gardens, and is not lit at all. I can barely see my feet. No chance to avoid the dog poo and fallen leaves and dark clad people walking their dogs. So instead, once the clocks go back, I have to walk on the pavement beside the main road, and prolong my journey. This irritates me - should it? At least I live in a place where there are footpaths.

And don't even get me started on one of the subways beneath the main road - all the lights are missing, due to the habit of the local youth (at least, I assume they're youthful) to setting fire to cars and motorbikes in the underpass. As a result, all the lights have exploded or melted, and the roof is black with smoke. That must be fun to watch. I expect that fixing the lights is not Peterborough City Council's highest priority.

Perhaps I should just give up and cycle everywhere (once I get my bike fixed).


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