Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No, no and thrice no!

I shall say this only once, so listen carefully. Look, Diana is dead! Dead, I tell you! For God's sake let's just move on, please. Prince William is quoted as having said: "This big concert full of energy, full of the sort of fun and happiness which I know she would have wanted." Of course William is going to use this sort of justification for a charity concert, but honestly: who knows what his mother would have wanted? She's dead.

Sorry if I come over as overly unfeeling, but really I object this reverence of Diana's memory. Plus ageing rockers are using it as an excuse to crawl out of semi-retirement to assault our aural senses. I know Elton John was a friend of their mother's, but the princes should know better.

I'm not going to even comment on the conclusion of the report into her death, except to say sarcastically, well, that was unexpected. But I feel sure the conspiracy theories are going to continue to run, at least as long as Richard Desmond owns the Daily Express, anyway.

Incidentally, the picture included in the BBC's article seems to indicate that William will go the way of the Windsors with regard to hair loss*

* Okay, I know that male pattern baldness is inherited through the maternal line. Still, Earl Spencer was certainly balding.


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